Handicapped Pets Foundation

Thanks to the support of the Handicapped Pets Foundation, Sasha the cat is now getting around in a brand new wheelchair. Hopefully, with continued physical therapy, Sasha may one day fully recover his mobility. He was rescued from Bulgaria in late 2009 after his previous owners simply abandoned him in the streets. It is unknown what caused Sasha's rear leg paralysis, but when he was first rescued from the streets of Bulgaria and brought to a local veterinarian, he was near death and completely unable to walk on his hind legs.


Sasha's current owner, who was living and working in Bulgaria at the time, decided that he had to reach out and help. He adopted Sasha and worked tirelessly to rehabilitate him. Over the past year, Sasha has required many visits to the veterinarian and a number of medications. While Sasha's owner was able to afford these costs for several months, he has since returned to the United States and is struggling financially as a result of long-term unemployment. Sasha's owner applied for assistance with the Handicapped Pets Foundation and requested a wheelchair to help Sasha walk and to improve his chances of making a full recovery.

The Handicapped Pets Foundation was pleased to be able to offer assistance by donating a wheelchair for Sasha. We are extremely grateful to our financial supporters for their contributions that make these mobility equipment grants possible.