Ninia after surgery, her New Wheelchair with Dick and the heroic team at the Fletcher's Vet Clinic in Arkansas that saved her life!

She was found roaming free dragging her leg that had been broken. Obviously she had been hit by a car. Left abandoned to die on the roadside, a good Samaritan found her and took her to Fletcher's Vet Clinic in Hot Springs Arkansas. Dr. Tina Fletcher, DVM did not want to put this little girl down and wanted to give her a chance with surgery. Dr. Fletcher, took off the broken leg in hopes that she could manage on the remaining leg. Her other hip was damaged too but surgery will not help it. Thats when Paws and Claws rescue stepped in. A kind hearted soul Judy Walters saw Ninia and wanted to find her a forever home. The problem faced with a special needs dog is that potential adopters don't want a "Handicapped Dog". After being at the vets for over a month things where not looking too good for Ninia.

This is where the Handicapped Pets Foundation got involved. Our executive director Dick Dellarciprete wanted to help a special dog and had been looking at shelters and rescue groups nation wide. Judy received his email asking about a special needs dog and she immediately thought of Ninia and contacted Dick. Once Dick saw the photos and heard her sad story he knew that this was the dog whose life needed to be saved. The foundation donated a Walkin Wheels Wheelchair to help Ninia get around on long walks. The Handicapped Pets Foundation is fortunate to have a celebrated Boston TV Legend Rex Trailer ( help with Ninia, her visits and media outreach. She is now our spokespet and can be seen with Dick at various events and fundraisers enjoying her new life and "job" letting people know there is hope and help for their beloved pet.

Her life is great now, and to think this poor dog would have been euthanized, had the fantastic people at the Vet, Paws and Claws rescue and ultimately Dick and the Handicapped Pets Foundation not stepped in. This is but one example of a life that did not need to be taken. Thousands more need to be saved.

Today over 117,000 pets are euthanized or forfeited every week in the United States with the current economy things are getting worse. The reasons behind this high number may surprise you. Thousands of pets are put to sleep by reluctant pet owners, who are faced with financial challenges that prohibit them from rendering emergency and necessary medical care for their animals. Veterinary care can be very costly often requiring hundreds, or thousands of dollars. Unexpected veterinary bills have caused many pet owners, struggling to make ends meet, to make painful decisions involving the life of their pet. Pet insurance cannot solve this problem as it is generally expensive and offers only limited coverage. 

While pets and their human caretakers rely on us, we rely on the generosity and support of our donors. We ask for your help in fulfilling the promise of our society in caring for animals that otherwise would go without treatment, or worse.