Handicapped Pets Foundation

Q: Has my application been accepted or approved?
A:  All applicants will receive a response after each monthly review process. 

Q:  I would like to apply for financial help to cover veterinarian expenses.
A:  Unfortunately we do not provide financial help to cover veterinarian costs.  Please visit www.handicappedpets.com/pet-services/financial-aid-for-pets for additonal options.

Q:  I would like to donate a used wheelchair.
A:  Because of the difficulties of storing and keeping inventories of donated wheelchairs, we do not accept them.  Recommended sites where you can post your wheelchair to another pet-in-need include:



We also suggest looking at websites including; Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and your local animal shelters and humane societies.  

Q:  I need a dog sling.
A:  At this time we are only able to assist with dog wheelchairs.

Q:  I want to fill out an application for a friend who has a disabled pet.
A:  The owner of the animal must be the one to apply for the assistance.

Q: What resources are available for me to learn how to care for my disabled dog?
A: There are many outstanding organizations. Here are two that come to mind.