Thank you. Your donation will help an elderly, disabled, or Injured pet walk again.

The Handicapped Pets Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit)  is supported by the generous cash donations from animal lovers and friends around the world. We are not, however, equipped to accept donations of equipment or pet care supplies. Please do not ship donated items to the Handicapped Pets Foundation. If you have equipment you wish to provide to those in need, we recommend that you donate them to your local shelter, animal hospital, or offer them on the 'free classifieds' site, or send us an email asking if there is a pet needing the size you have.

Donations are accepted through Paypal or by using any major credit card. If paying by credit card, please click "Donate" below and look for the link that says "Don't have a paypal account?"


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Nutella in Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair

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Dog Wheelchair Windup Toy

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5 Gift Cards with Envelopes

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