Nugget Shines in Dog Wheelchair

Nugget Before her Dog WheelchairNugget was abandoned at a veterinarian's office when her family was unable to bear the financial and emotional burden of caring for a handicapped pet.  Her veterinarian did not want to give up hope on Nugget and vowed to treat her and find her a new home. 

First, Nugget needed a wheelchair to make her mobile again.  Without any other means of support to pay for a wheelchair for Nugget, her veterinarian contacted the Handicapped Pets Foundation for assistance. 

Nugget Shines in Dog WheelchairThe Handicapped Pets Foundation was pleased to support the effort to get Nugget rolling again.  In addition to getting new wheels, we have also learned that Nugget now has a new family to call her own.  Keep on rolling, Nugget!

Nugget has received enough funds and now has her dog wheelchair. Thank you for your support! Please consider donating for other pets in need.