Handicapped Pets Foundation

"Braveheart, our 12 year old rescue Min Pin had become slowly unable to move about the house. Suddenly he was unable to use his back legs and we’d have to help him do almost every activity including potty time and eating. After losing my job, my dad having a heart attack and the cost of Braveheart’s medical bills & medications, we’d had a hard time being able to get him into a mobility device. X-rays showed 3 degenerative discs in his back which were causing him to be mostly paralyzed and unable to stand or walk well. If it wasn’t for the graciousness of Handicapped Pets and their donors, Braveheart would have spent the remainder of his days on the couch. The Walkin’ Pets wheelchair device got him outside and moving, just in time for spring! Thank you, Handicapped Pets, for improving his quality of life."

- Wendy and Braveheart