Jenna the Great Dane Needs a Lift

Great Dane needs a wheelchair

Jenna, a lovely Great Dane, has been a cherished member of her family since she was a puppy. Now, as a mature 12-year old girl she can no longer get up and moving on her own. Her owners have recently resorted to assisting her with a walking harness, but at 110 pounds, Jenna is quite a bit to lift. She really needs a dog wheelchair so that she can regain her mobility and take the physical strain off her owners. Jenna's rear legs have gotten so weak that she cannot even stand on them long enough to eat her meals.

Her family is struggling in this economy and is barely able to make ends meet with part-time employment. Please consider making a contribution to get Jenna back on her feet so that she can continue to enjoy life and get much needed exercise.

Thanks to the support of a very generous donor to the Handicapped Pets Foundation, the first $200 contributed towards Jenna's wheelchair will be matched dollar for dollar! Your contribution to Jenna will be twice as meaningful!

Lil Bella has received enough funds and now has her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair. Thank you for your support! Please consider donating for other pets in need.