Diesel is Walking Again with Wheels

Diesel the dachshund in his wheelchairHandicapped Pets Foundation recently assisted Diesel the dachshund when he could no longer walk and his owners were struggling to afford the cost of his care.  Diesel had the option of a very expensive surgery or a less invasive wait and see approach of using a wheelchair to see if he could regain his mobility.  His owners applied to the Handicapped Pets Foundation for assistance with obtaining a doggie wheelchair. 

Diesel's family was so grateful for the support of the Handicapped Pets Foundation and recently sent this photo and update, "Diesel loves his new chair.  He's even starting to get the feeling back in his rear legs already.  Thank you so much!"

Lil Bella has received enough funds and now has his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair. Thank you for your support! Please consider donating for other pets in need.